Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shove Your (Album) Where it _Do_ Shine: Santi is not R and B

Santi's sound, unlike her Converse ad, is definitely not paper thin ...

Peep Santogold here and here

Santogold is slamming critics who are calling her an emcee and retailers who are putting her album in the R&B and Hip-Hop sections. She isn't without merit.

Whats not disputable is how hot this album is. It is definitely the truth. Not like "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" truth. Or "If I Did It" truth. More like the truth Tom Cruise couldnt handle in "A Few Good Men."

On "Creator," on a synthesize laden beat reminiscent of a M.I.A. and Lil John collaboration, Santo spits beautifully. And on a couple of other tracks, like the dub awesome "You'll Find a Way" she does the rap/chant deal real smoothly, deftly moving between singing, chanting, and harmonizing over a haunting (like georgia anne muldrow haunting) chorus. But for the most part, these tracks are like if Cyndi Lauper got jungle fever. Or if Elastica had Tina Turner and MC Lyte as lead singers. She's coming to a Budweiser commercial near you (see "Lights Out")... and she sounds more like Corinne Bailey Rae doing guest vocals with The Breeders than Trina guesting with Destiny's Child.

Put her in the Rock/Pop section already, Sam Goody. And put her in rotation, MTV.

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