Sunday, June 28, 2009

A bittersweet morning with my Top Ten MJ Tunes ...

My Top Ten MJ songs, in a particular order:

Human Nature -- insistent chorus, powerful message, MJ is instructive, but not pedantic here ... preternatural vocal range, as well.

PYT -- the R&B equivalent of the assumptive close -- where ya come from? wontcha take me there?

In the Closet -- seductive and terrifying, beautiful and haunting. like an Obsession commercial, but actually cool.

Rock With You -- best dance song ever recorded.. (the 1st period at the end of the sentence is "Period")

Give Into Me -- Slash and Micheal both kill this song. Again, insistent, anxious, pleading even.

The Girl is Mine -- perhaps MJ's sweetest song. "The gosh darn girl is mine." If only Tupac and Biggie resolved their spat over Faith Evans in such a manner ...

Smooth Criminal -- best riff in an R&B song, perhaps best video ever made, lb for lb better dancing than Thriller.

Don’t Stop ‘til You Get Enough -- this video makes me nostalgiac for a time that i didnt live in or through.

Dirty Diana -- MJ's sexiest song in the way that "In the Closet" was his sexiest video.

Tie: Remember the Time, Billie Jean, You Rock My World, about 35-40 others.

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