Thursday, July 17, 2008

wereallnumberone #8: "well, there you go" -- imus is public civility enemy #1

" Nappy Headed Ho" that I wish would kick Don Imus' ass
Don Imus, an Ass

First off, eff Don Imus and all pundits of his ilk. Eff Limbaugh. Eff O'Reilly. Eff Hannity. Eff Coulter. And more importantly, eff Fox, CBS, MSNBC, and all the other major news networks for continuing to hire, market, and promote these acrimonious assholes.

Second of all, eff Howard Cosell. So much for rule number one of the "Jockocracy." Athletics intersected politics, race, and sex (as it did with Jack Johnson, Billie King, Muhammad Ali, Tommy Smith and John Carlos, and Steve Nash, etc etc) and once again proved that sport - for reasons better or worse - is our culture's panacea. Sports culturists like myself, who believe that athletic competition, when done right, utopically emblematizes what our society might be like if it were more progressive, rejoice when media stalwarts like Don Imus get their asses handed to them by athletes. Female athletes. Black female athletes at that. Oh that shit was sugar sweet.

He called them hoes because thats a derogatory slur for black women. He intended to demean their humanity, sure. And their sex. But his primary intent was to belittle them for their ethnic appearance. And his assumption was that Tennessee evidently had respectable looking black women (i.e. light skinnded, like Candace Parker, who is like Beyonce with a crossover) but Rutgers' women were dark, unattractive, and therefore thuggish lookin. Or "hardcore hoes." Which was why him getting fired was all the more fulfilling. for too long, we been like "you cant call women hoes and get away with it." And right wing pundits do. They call all people of arab descent terrorists. They even call em ragheads. Imus called Gwen Ifill a cleaning lady. He called Bill Rhoden a token hire.

And for once, I was like "you cant call ____ a _____" and major corporations shared the sentiment. That shit makes you feel good inside, dont it. Except for Viacom. Eff Viacom.
Whats really effed up is that this dumbass was calling them nappy headed when they all wear their hair in permanents. That shit be easier to comb than white girls hair. Lye is a helluva drug.

Or chemical, as it were.

Anyhow, for all my nappy heads of the highest order (or, nappy headed h.o.'s), this is for y'all. And big ups to the Rutgers Scarlet Knights, State U. of New Jersey, and C. Vivian Stringer and her badassed women's basketball team. They are really taking wearing "Scarlet Letters" to a whole nuver leva.

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